Today’s strategic marketers must navigate the complexities of healthcare markets across the globe for a fully informed situational understanding, where we provide indepth insights from a range of fields of expertise. We combine all elements into one holistic picture, to further strengthen the overall decision process.


Stratas Partners assists the global executive in strategic marketing related activities involving coordination from Medical, Finance, Commercial Brand and Strategic Planning teams, for


  • Brand planning: situation analysis, brand strategy, research strategy
    and launch readiness support
  • BD&L support: valuation & due diligence
  • Portfolio optimization & franchise planning
  • Medical and clinical trial strategy development: clinical trial design,
    publication strategy, KOL mapping

Developing a best-in-class brand strategy

  • In today’s pharmaceutical organizations, effective cross-collaboration between clinical, medical, pricing, market access and HEOR is essential for the successful long-term planning and strategy development of a brand.

  • A financially-constrained environment requires brand managers to expand their focus and customer relationship management from a traditional physicians and patient emphasis to incorporate the needs and requirements of payers and other financially-driven stakeholders.

  • We have solid experience and reputation helping our clients build best-in-class brand strategies, by combining our in-depth strategic access planning capabilities with our commercial industry experience.

Optimizing a pharmaceutical portfolio

  • With pharmaceutical in-house R&D yielding a lower ROI, managers must look to optimize their pipeline through targeted acquisitions and licensing deals which are accretive in value. Finding an appropriate target is increasingly made more difficult by rising valuations, unclear commercial opportunity, and increased regulatory risk.

  • We provide in-depth financial and clinical research expertise to help managers navigate this difficult landscape, uncover growth opportunities, refine targets, mitigate risk and define the value and fit of each target to the organization.

Clinical development planning

  • Analyzing clinical development programs for maximizing uptake is critical in today’s crowded therapeutic areas in order to forecast the lifetime potential of a brand vis-a-vis the clinical value of its current and future competitors.

  • We have the insights and knowledge that are critical to helping you make the necessary decisions and adjustments to the planning process.